Dear Mr President @realDonaldTrump , if you see this please understand that I know that there is a plan, and things are happening, and that it is not my timeline. I understand that defeating the enemy will take time, for [they] have penetrated every tentacle
Of every government. So no small task I'm aware. However you and the team are VERY well aware about this Plandemic, because we can uncover everything in minutes. As I also understand, you have a plan for that as well, however MANY great Patriots I have met..
In this movement are getting their livelihood stripped away from a OBVIOUS PLANDEMIC that's allowed to happen, why? I understand optics, but this is people's lives! To which we lost many (not to CV19) and for what reason? I'd really love an answer..
Knowing many people look to me for answers because I've been involved in this movement since day one, but what do I tell them when they lose everything they have? Trust the plan? Its already over for them at that point. They want freedom, and that's being..
Taken away! I urge you to do something soon for if not, you'll not be able to control the Patriots and they'll take things into their own hands. The people have had ENOUGH! this bullshit charade is over with! The people are not willing to sit by and ..
Sacrifice their freedom for false security. I fully respect you Mr. President, however, I swore an oath to defend all enemies foreign and domestic, and as of now, the enemy is within. I will not patiently wait by while our citizens suffer..
At the hands of tyrannical elites who feel they have the right to rule over us. I'll wait for your response, give me liberty or give me death.
Semper fi
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