1) Ok, I've gone back and forth on this emotionally. For a moment the other day, I actually thought the chunkspunkers were winning.

2) Then came WI7, CA25, the CA assembly race, and news that AZ, TN, and other states are moving incrementally forward with opening up more.
3) Anyway, essentially Trump is fighting the Three-Headed Hydra:

*the Blue State Lockdowns
*the continued, never-ending, ongoing coup
4) I admit I thought for a while the other day the DemoKKKrat blue state govs might win---that they just might tank enough of the economy to harm Trump.

5) Yet almost as I thought that, a bunch of new polls came out showing Trump at 51% (HarrisX) or 45% (CNN)--his all time high.
6) Then there was the CNN poll that had him winning the battleground states. And one poll (could be the same one) had him at a shocking 47% Hispanic vote).

7) All this brightened my outlook, a lot.
8) Because I have to be honest, for a moment, I was getting depressed. What if, I thought, emissaries from the blue state govs got the ChiComs to fund PACs to keep the blue state govs safe in Nov (or whenever)? In other words, what if they were largely immune from the voters?
9) And on top of that, we had what I think are bogus polls-but polls nonetheless showing 50, 60, and even 70% support ongoing lockdowns.

That's scary, even if they polled the Tater Tots section of Big Carmine's Cheese & Meat Store in Harlem.
10) In other words, what if the Chicom money made them basically immune in the short run to the donation/funding shortfalls they definitely will have in NY, CA, NJ, MI, and IL?

Cuz you know that even the Tim Cooks and Bob Igers run out of money and patience at some point.
11) The good news is Trump knows who his enemies are. I don't think that was the case a month ago.

12) As @rushlimbaugh said today, I think Trump really thought that Drs. Fallacy and Hit-the-Brix would actually put public safety ahead of idiotic agendas and models.
13) About two weeks ago, Trump gave up on that hope. That was when he unveiled the plan to open up the US . . . then essentially ditched it in favor of even more rapid reopening.
14) There is no question that the two biggest beneficiaries of the China Virus are the DemoKKKrat governors and the Chicoms. They both get to help cripple the US economy.

15) The good news is that contrary to Rush's frequent claim that we "destroyed" the economy, it ain't so.
16) The "economy" is not just businesses that have been built---and, yes, even lost---but the people who started them and created products. While it doesn't take the pain and heartache out of losing 20 or 30 years' worth of work, REAL entrepreneurs shake it off pretty quickly.
17) Talk about destroyed: Thomas Hart Benton, in the 1850s, had written a book about his 30 years in government called "Thirty Years View." It burned up in a fire.

He re-wrote the entire book, from memory.
18) In the same vein, T. E. Lawrence ("Lawrence of Arabia") had his book "The Seven Pillars of Wisdom" in manuscript form stolen in a train station. He likewise rewrote it.

19) We've been over all the greats who lost businesses, sometimes more than once, and came back bigger.
20) Henry Ford had two failed companies, Sam Colt one, The "Ice King" Frederick Tudor was broke, C. W. Post was broke and sick, and Gail Borden, having in middle age seen a lifetime of bad ideas fail, suddenly came up with condensed milk.
21) My only point is to an outsider their businesses or lives were "destroyed." But not the man or the idea. They all succeeded beyond their dreams.

22) So our economy can and will come back. 100% certain of that.
23) The question is, how long can the blue state (& some red state) governors keep the anchors out while the engines rev up to full speed?

24) I think they briefly thought they could do this long enough to get rid of Trump.

I don't think that's the case anymore.
25) First--again, no proof, just a "sense"--but other than Kelly in AZ, it doesn't seem many of these DemoKKKrats have made the connection to the Silk Road. Whether it's a problem with the go-betweens or whether the Chicoms played them, I don't think they got the $ they expected.
26) Second, the elections we saw last night. Except for a WI Supreme Court seat, the Rs have done much better than the Ds in special elections since 2018, and have chopped two House seats off the D lead. I think the target # now is 17 seats for the House majority.
27) Don't kid youself. However much they talk tough, all these blue state govs are carefully watching public opinion. It's one thing to have falling poll numbers. It's another thing to have mobs (some of them armed) storming city hall.

Get enough people desperate enough . . .
27) contd. . . you'll definitely get the latter.

28) Then there is the coup. This has become a drip drip drip of revelations, each one seemingly worse than the last.

It's now clear Zero was involved at some level. It's painfully obvious someone needs to go to jail.
29) There are rumors/"sources" that say Durham is eating up a lot of resources.

Good. Great.

We don't need no stinkin' resources.

We need indictments.
30) So, to tie this all together, for whatever reason I sense that the blue state gluesniffers have failed to get their sugar daddies in Beijing to sufficiently back stop them;

some of the big names (like Musk) are openly revolting; the people haven't . . .
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