Dear @netflix, thank you so much for existing. I remember when you began. I was a member of the three DVDs at a time. I got excited every time I would open my mailbox. I believe it’s when I decided to re-watch 6 feet under. What a great time!
@netflix, when that was over I was sad but excited about the streaming service, and to this day I am a proud binger! I have seen one of the best television, documentary, movies streaming services has to offer. But there is one thing that you have missed...
there’s one thing that you are lacking in tremendously @netflix. if you don’t figure this out quick enough I will personally make sure that you do, it’s happened to many times. I recently saw one of the top 5 TV shows, @neverhaveiever... but something didn’t sit right with me.
So you know @netflix, I am a physically disabled model and actress who has activism in my blood. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fantastic that you are showing shows representing different kinds of people/backgrounds. But my community is always affected greatly. The disability community
my wonderful @netflix, The disability community is always the last one on your list of representation. I chose this show specifically because my heart was heavy to hear this story about a young girl who just so happens to be in a wheelchair...
She believes @netflix that she won’t have a boyfriend or have a sexual experience because of the matter of her being in a wheelchair. I was sad to hear this and see how much that affected her mental state. then!
When she is “healed” @netflix, in a blink of an eye she has the opportunity to not only have this sexual experience but also have a boyfriend! My heart was broken because it’s a top TV show on your streaming service and now millions of young people will believe that this is true.
Sure, television shows can be a make believe world but representation matters even in fake worlds @netflix. you have a responsibility to know the effect you have on people watching.
@mindykaling I adore you! So glad you are creating worlds like @neverhaveiever on @netflix. Tho you also have a responsibility to understand how much this affects the disability community. Just because someone is in a wheelchair it doesnt mean they were not capable of being loved
other than this situation the show is beautiful but I only wish that your viewers can understand the effect this has on my community. Hopefully @netflix you can understand and have a conversation & act about this effect and responsibility. your admirer since the DVD days -Jill♥️
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