1/ Real talk: we can (and should) dunk all day on the credulous fools & cynical grifters desperately pushing the #ObamaGate / #SubpoenaObama narrative, but it is if nothing else a bleak reminder that most of this country has no more than a 4th-grade understanding of basic civics.
2/ Obama had credible evidence--entirely apart from the Steele dossier, which also FWIW came from a credible source & had plenty of truth in it--that a Presidential campaign was, to some degree, coordinating with a foreign power. That's more than enough to open an investigation.
3/ #MichaelFlynn was known by then to be operating as an unregistered agent for Turkey, & involved in a plan to unlawfully kidnap a foreign national w/no criminal charges from the US for torture/imprisonment. Also in touch with Russia, for some reason? That's an investigation.
4/ The FBI knew that Flynn, an adult man with no apparent mental impairments beyond a desire to work for Trump, was probably going to lie to them. And then he did. This is what cops do 1000s of times around the US every day. If you like cops, this is the kind of thing you support
5/ Law enforcement does all of the things #MAGA is (or pretending to) lose its shit over re: " #Obamagate" in investigating suspected drug dealers, organized crime, etc every day. They are legally & Constitutionally allowed--even mandated--to lie & cheat their way to conviction.
6/ I am charitably assuming that most of the people promoting this #Obamagate thing know full well that it is weak, baseless, watery birdshit, because anyone who has ever been anywhere near our intelligence or criminal systems absolutely knows better. They have to.
7/ The truth, of course, is that Obama & co botched the Russia investigation... just not the way you're being told through the dumbass #ObamaGate narrative.

But don't take my word for it, here's a Senator from your team

8/ It was the official position of the Republican Party right up until a few days ago that Obama mishandled the investigation by doing *too little.* Now the universe of right-wing media is screaming that he was doing *far too much* in what was, again, a well-founded investigation
9/ This "unmasking" thing they're trying to make into breaking news today is... it's just too fucking stupid to explain, even by #MAGA standards. They weren't trying to "expose Flynn," but just to know who the US citizen was who was in touch with Russia. Turns out it was Flynn
10/ Folks, he's not even trying. Why are we still talking about this
11/ The FBI & the obscenely massive American foreign & domestic intelligence machine are bad. They're irredeemable. They should be dismantled.

But not for this chickenshit.

How about the many times they hunted down & murdered peaceful pot advocates? https://theoutline.com/post/6320/rainbow-farm-domestic-siege-fbi-killings-9-11?zd=1&zi=3lcnbbzd
12/ Like all good #MAGA disinfo campaigns, #Obamagate / #FlynnWasFramed prey on the public's boundless ignorance of how their own govt works. You'll never lose money on that bet!

But my wrath & dismay on this one in particular is from something deeper: the pretense of injustice.
13/ Specifically "injustice" which tries to make the world's most privileged & powerful out as blameless victims. Gross.

For true injustice, real entrapment, look at what GWB's FBI did to innocent Muslims after 9/11. Take it from an actual conservative: https://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/undue-process/
BREAKING: Federal judge demonstrates understanding of civics beyond the fourth grade https://twitter.com/matt_cam/status/1260741340171821062
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