He could have been sad like the rest of us that so much of life is being cancelled instead of blaming fucking bat eaters.

He blamed a particular racialized group of people, and as an Indigenous person who is well aware of how we are demonized for our hunting practices .... https://twitter.com/EricUhlmann/status/1260671627303571460
Markets around the world are complicated places. Colonialism has done it's best to attack food sovereignty, to ensure that we are all dependent on colonial food systems. Look at how the Inuit have been demonized over the seal hunt.
Animal Rights Activists have been colonial foot soldiers through much of this, making critique over Indigenous hunting or eating practices without making a parallel critique of colonial practices from migrant labour to slaughterhouses.
These markets that are currently being demonized are an important part of food security. Do the critics have a solution for that? Or do they just go off on fucking bat eaters like they are responsible for everything.
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