sometimes we talk abt the MOVE bombing like it was 1 bomb, but before that bomb was dropped from a helicopter, police fired over 10,000 rounds through the house in 90 minutes (using machine guns, silenced snipers and an anti-tank gun), blasted the house w water cannons and...
tear gas, and blew off the front of the house with C4. in the 70s, 3 MOVE women were beaten until they miscarried and 3 week old Life Africa was killed. in 1978 pigs beat and almost killed Delbert Africa, destroyed the MOVE house with bulldozers, and sent the MOVE 9 to prison
the last of the MOVE 9 got out in Feb of this year, after 42 years of being locked in a cage
all of this is to say that police terror is not an event, but a process that is ongoing. with the increase in technology, surveillence, and militarization since then, what terror will the next decade hold for Black people?
those killed in the bombing:

Tomasa Africa, 9
Delita Africa, 12
Phil Africa, 12
Zanetta Africa, 13
Katricia "Tree" Africa, 15
Frank James Africa, 26
Rhonda Harris Ward Africa, 30
Teresa Brooks Africa, 36
Conrad Hampton Africa, 36
Raymond Foster Africa, 50
John Africa, 54
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