its a good thing gryffindors arent loyal because beyond the weasleys and hermione they all treated harry like shit and i dont think we talk about it enough...
in first year they all treat him horribly after he lost the house points (ignoring him, addressing him as 'the seeker' instead of by his name which is gross and dehumanizing and its worse when you remember he was 11)
in second year they all believe he is the heir of slytherin bc of his abilities despite the fact they all know him.
in fourth year a large amount of them back the potter stinks campaign and/or side with ron over harry when ron was being a dick even though harry makes in overly clear he hates his fame
in fifth year large amounts of then refuse to believe him about Voldemort for a solid chunk of the year even though again they've known him for years and he has no reason to lie abt it
end of thread but tldr Gryffindors really aren't all that loyal
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