For every like on this post I will talk about Jade Harley a little more.
Jade Harley is a dream.

She lives alone on a strange island, with the only company of plants, a Godly dog, a dead body she taxidermized herself as a child, and prophetic visions on a golden moon as she sleeps. She's like a Mary Sue OC given life.
And that's exactly what she went for. She wants to be likable, cheerful, always helping and friendly and kind to a fault. And she is all of those things. If she's perfect, without fault, then people will be her friend, and life would be a little less lonely.
So she hid any faults she had. Anger, sadness, loneliness, fear, frustration. She keeps smiling for the friends she's idolized, that she knows will be heroes one day with her by their sides. It'll be a dream come true. It'll be a little less lonely after she wakes up from it too.
Jade Harley is a dreamer.

Maybe it's something she inherited from Jake, maybe from being a Prospitian walker (though the title is a bit on the nose), or maybe it's something unique to her. But Jade has always held the talent to imagine things are different, or could be.
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