seokjin in suites; a thread you never knew you needed
how can we forget this iconic moment in history where Jin went viral and got the nickname "Car Door Guy"
this look is one of the best but it is also our worst enemy (MAMA 2018 Speech)
this is just an illusion. HE IS NOT REAL
he lowkey looks like he's singing the theme song of Beauty and the Beast
there is 0% chance I am forgetting about this look
jin in pink suites is literally EVERYTHING
the mots 7 concept photos deserves to be framed in a museum
what do you see? I see a god.
he has royal blood, im sure of it.
i will never ever get tired of ceo seokjin agenda
whenever he's seating on that chair-- he wouldn't even give us a chance to survive
disney prince kim seokjin
with that purple hair? i think its perfection.
his stare.
this is one of the most beautiful suits ever worn by him-- just look at those little flowers
seokjin never fails to bring the best outfits on award shows
his hair matches his outfit so good
we honestly need this seokjin outfit back
conclusion: seokjin is a god and you should only speak of his name when you're praising him.

[end of thread] -feel free to add your pics
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