If you’ve watched #HollywoodNetflix, you’ve undoubtedly been bowled over by the absolutely incredible designs the cast is swathed in throughout — here are 4 behind the seams (get it?) facts from costume designers Lou Eyrich and Sarah Evelyn.
Every character had a specific color palette that guided their costuming: Archie ( @jrmypope) is often sporting gold tones and Raymond ( @DarrenCriss) wears lots of pink shades.
During early discussions about the character, Ryan Murphy described Claire as a “spider.” @Sweaving worked with the costume design team to give Claire’s wardrobe an insect vibe — lots of red and black hues, and dotted patterns.
Old Hollywood naturally served as a sartorial reference for this Hollywood — the costumes were partly influenced by a series of famous photographs from the 1940s taken by a young Stanley Kubrick while Jack’s (David @Corenswet) costuming took cues from James Dean and Marlon Brando
Holland Taylor sent the costume designers photographs of her mother from the ‘30s and ‘40s to help with research. They ended up replicating some of the items she wore for Taylor’s character, Miss Kincaid.
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