Stephen Harper is getting $240K from Scott Moe and the Saskatchewan Party to attack the government investments that have kept people in their homes, helped businesses stay open & been at the core of our actions to flatten the curve of the pandemic. (1/4)
Saskatchewan people – like all Canadians – have done what governments and experts have asked of them. It would be wrong to turn around and impose deep austerity on our people in the aftermath of COVID-19. (2/4)
What Stephen Harper is describing is essentially the Sask Party playbook. The fact is, the last time the Sask Party got into a fiscal mess they made deep cuts and tried to push through privatization of our Crowns. (3/4)
Scott Moe has refused to recall the legislature or present a budget for the people of Saskatchewan. They should be open and accountable – and tell us if they agree with Stephen Harper. If they don’t, it’s time to cancel his contract with the government immediately. (4/4) #skpoli
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