13/5 1/3 #Covid_19GoodNews. As of today, we have evidence that 30,170 people have been discharged in the #UK as ex #Covid_19 patients. See the threads below for more info on #CoronavirusUKDischargedFigures. Worldwide, at 18.03, 1,637,000 people had been discharged, an increase of
2/3 70,000 in the last 24 hours. The #UKGov gave up producing official discharge figures on 11/4 at 344 claiming that the stats were unreliable So myself, #MB70 @MB7020 & @Chrissi27767973 compile our unofficial list and the following 2 links provide the evidence. , Firstly see
3/3 this thread: #CoronavirusUKDischargedFigures 28/4/20 from
See this additional list of more up to date list of discharges at
Thanks to all the teams & down the #UK for making this possible
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