<THREAD> So unregistered foreign agent for Hungary/Acting Director of National Intelligence/Amb. to Germany Ric GRENELL has given a Senator who spent July 4th in Moscow a list of where Mike Flynn was caught talking to foreign spies.

Just to make sure we're clear, an guy who worked on the payroll of a Putin ally and a Putin shill from Wisconsin want a list of how many times the shill for Russia and Turkey got caught with foreign spies.

And now they have it. Let's have a look, before they bullshit everyone!
To put this into human speak, the unregistered foreign agent (Grenell) who may face felony charges, want to know how many times we caught Moscow Mike Flynn talking of his own volition with spies the NSA had *already had targeted as hostile*.
Again, Grenell asked for a list of time Flynn was communicating with hostile foreign spies and the person cleared to read the intelligence said, "Wait, who the hell is "US PERS1' in this transcript?"

Because you even *start out with privacy* when talking with SPIES!
Again, this is what a traitorous liar Snowden is - because even when you're CAUGHT talking with people the US TARGETED AS HOSTILE SPIES, you STILL get privacy unless it's so important that the government official needs to know who you are because it matters to national security.
So who was the first person listed who needed to know whoever "US PERS1" was on the intel she got and needed to know the identity, which was Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, on the payroll of Russia and Turkey:

U.S. Amb. to the U.N., Samantha Power.

So why her?
Samantha Power would have needed to know that while she was lawfully executive the foreign policy of the United States, an unregistered foreign agent - a spy, essentially - like Michael Flynn was conspiring against her.

She would have needed to know Flynn's identity.
Next up is Actual DNI Who Could Get a Clearance James CLAPPER.

Likely, he was receiving foreign intelligence about Sergey Kislyak's interactions with Flynn at Trump Tower and about sanctions.
December 28, 2016 Kislyak called Flynn. They discussed the sanctions Obama just placed on Russia for attacking our democracy. Flynn told Kislyak not to worry.

Clapper would have needed to know Flynn's identity for sure. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/05/secrets-flynn-lied-conceal/611377/
The Embassy of Italy apparently received intelligence where Flynn was unmasked in early December 2016.

I can't find any corresponding events; perhaps Steve Bannon was at his Italian monastery? Can't tell.
DIRCIA John Brennan had been asked to do a full assessment alongside FBI and NSA at Pres. Obama's request on Dec. 7, 2016 of Russia's attack on the election.

No doubt Flynn is a bunch of places, since he was an agent of Turkey *and* Russia and possibly Israel.
The rest of the people asking to unmask Mike Flynn while he was already talking to hostile spies were all from the Dept. of the Treasury's intelligence services - the guys who track down TERRORIST and SPY FINANCING.
So these senators want you to believe Flynn was unfairly unmasked because American officials used legal processes to find out which American citizens were conspiring against our democracy.

Well, let's remember what Flynn was up to with those hostile spies:
- Conspiring with Russia to interfere with U.S. foreign policy at the United Nations
- Conspiring with Russia to maximize its response to American sanctions to punish them for attacking U.S. democracy
- Taking payments from dictators to execute black intelligence Ops in the U.S.
"OMG this could happen to anyone!" say these seditious idiots. NO, ACTUALLY, IT COULDN'T.

Unless you're talking to hostile spies attacking our country while on their payroll, your privacy is guarded. And it STILL is unless U.S. officials deem it a security risk to not know.
Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn sold out his country and lied about it, and his enablers want you to feel sorry for him because they're protecting the people who gave him access to America's most important secrets.

He was "unmasked" for damn good reasons.

P.S. Mike Flynn ultimately admitted he was being paid by a foreign power and registered with the Dept. of Justice National Security Division.

Why hasn't Grenell registered for his work for Putin ally Viktor Orban in Hungary? And...why is he still A/DNI? 🤔
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