Make no mistake: Pelosi's latest 1,000+ page bill is a federal takeover of our elections to nationalize ballot harvesting

And it actually got WORSE

The new bill GUTS signature verification, removing old section "requiring signature verification"

Original: states cannot accept ballots unless signature is verified w/its registration


New: signature matching cannot be a requirement for "accepting & counting" ballots
The new bill has signature verification only in states where it's already the law

But poll workers couldn't reject ballots that have completely different signatures from their registrations

Instead 10 days would be given to try to "cure a discrepancy," even w/unsigned ballots
Instead of having registered voters request ballots to prevent massive amounts of ballots being sent to dead people and those who have moved away...

Pelosi's new bill sends ballots automatically to "all voters" -- regardless if they are eligible or not

Original vs. new
Democrat lawyers and lobbyists must have been satisfied with the original bill's provision on ballot harvesting

It's exactly the same. Both mandate ballot harvesting nationwide, even where it is illegal

Campaign operatives can be paid, as long as it's not per vote they harvest
These are the same tactics being deployed by Democrat attorneys across the country

Don't let Democrats destroy confidence in our elections, and try to rig the system! 
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