Its beginning to look as tho, @realDonaldTrump is PURPOSELY & NOW FORCIBLY, setting the Governors states up for failure. Did he KNOW, the ventalators Russia sent us, wouldnt save lives? Didnt Trump question Putin, why would Russia ask for 8000+ vents, when they would just turn 2/
2/ around & ship ventalators back to the U.S. All the back & forth shipping of vents, had just recently taken place. @Yamiche plz ask Trump why he didnt questions Putin about wanting 8000+ vents then Putin turned around & shipped us vents back. Did not Trump find it odd? 3/
3/ @Yamiche plz ask Trump, why he didnt question Putin, why Russia shipped us ventalators, yet, they recently requested 8000+ ventalators. Russia landed at JFK airport about 2 wks ago. Trump shipped vents to Russia, AFTER Russias shipment land here. Is Trump sending 4/
4/ operational vents to Russia, and KNOWING accepting broken ventalators from Russia? Trump has been touting more than normal he will help states, sending them ventalators, but during this whole Pandemic, right up til the time Russia delivered those vents to JFK,Trump said 5/
5/ Governors are on their own. What made Trump change his mind to help Governors with Vents? Why isnt Kushner pirating THOSE shipments after hes been pirating all 50 states PPE & MED. SUPLLIES but the vents are now being delivered, SINCE Russia landed at JFK about 10 days ago 6/
6/ Those Ventalators sent by Russia, needs traced, back from their origin & if they are the vents that were sent by Russia. And trace those 1st test kits trump sent out, that he CLAIMS were Kushners 1st test kits that were from a lab that was blamed for those tests. I bet 7/
7/ they WERE H1N1 & SARS tests, & Trump knowing sent them out to states but blamed Kushners source of making them, which was a lab he claimed didnt have good credentials. Trump & Kushner BOTH prob knew they were from H1N1 & Sara stock pile. These two issues needs looked into. 8/
8/ I'm betting, they knew ahead of time, about both issues I'm bringing up. @Yamiche @SenBlumenthal @MSNBC @maddow @CNBC @NBCNews @Morning_Joe @morningmika
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