Covid-19 has created challenges to keeping ppl safe on the street:
❗️We all need space to social distance, whether on busy high streets or side streets with narrow pavement
❗️We are seeing speeding rise, putting lives at risk
❗️We are likely to see a medium-term rise in traffic
We have moved quickly to set up the Safe Travel in Camden programme, which will:
✅widen pavements
✅remove ratrunning ‘through’ traffic
✅introduce pop-up cycle lanes
✅roll out dockless bikes to get people cycling but designate parking for them to stop the clutter 🚲
Our first 5 #SafeTravel schemes are in Kilburn, Chalk Farm, Camden Town, Kentish Town, and Gospel Oak and respond to requests raised by residents.👥

Now we want to hear from everyone in the borough. Where do you think we shd widen pavements, close up a rat run, improve cycling?
Please head to our Commonplace map, put a pin in it📍 and have your say✏️

With social distancing set to remain for some time to come, Camden will work to keep people safe from #covid-19, #speeding, and #airpollution. Please join us ⬇️ 
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