bc mew is not the only wonderful specimen in this world, here's anatomy 101 of babie gulf kanawut traipipattanapong, a thread-----


g said there are four veiny hands in this household and yall should respect that
he can choke me with those hands and i would thank him for it ngl
knives found jobless on a ditch
his eyes admiring the world,,, the last one while he looks at his moon 💖
google search: how to boop someone's nose through the screen
pls just let me pinch those cheekies once in my life and i wont ask for more
can't blame the ceo for wanting to monopolize those lips but pls,,, just a peck will do 😩🙏
look at that neck with that prominent adam's apple... i think i need a break
i love his new babie look but i gotta admit i kinda miss his cute lil forehead 🥺
not too revealing for the babie 🙈🙈🙈
kana's booty coming through 🤩🤩🤩 ft. ceo mew's hands
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