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3) @QBlueSkyQ found a photo of Judge Sullivan and FISA court judges Boasberg, Collyer, and Contreras.

4) Q posted a link to the above tweet along with 2 links and a repost from September of 2018 showing how the FISA process is used to prosecute innocent people.
7) Q posted a link to this page, which shows the current makeup of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

8) Q wrote:
Judge Rudolph Contreras current member of FISC?

I'll assume this is confirmation of what many of us suspected, that Contreras signed Flynn's FISA warrant.
9) We know that Contreras was the judge in General Flynn's case.
If it turns out he also signed Flynn's FISA warrant, there should be hell to pay.

FISA operations are highly secretive, which makes the Court a perfect place to carry out corrupt practices.
10) Regarding the repost contained in Q's first post today.

In February of 2019, Q commented on the "Setup Ex 1" post.
12) On June 7, 2016 Donald Trump Jr. confirmed a meeting with himself, Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner for June 9th in Trump tower.
13) On June 9th, Russian attorney Natalya Veselnitskaya met with Don Jr, Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort.

She also met with Democrat/Clinton operative Glen Simpson of Fusion GPS the day before, the day of, and the day after the Trump Tower meeting.

14) General Flynn was accused of colluding with Russia because of his calls to Ambassador Kislyak; Manafort because of the Trump Tower meeting;
Carter Page because of his trips to Russia; Papadopoulous because of bar talk about Clinton emails.
15) These four were then placed under surveillance which allowed the Obama administration to spy on the entire Trump campaign.

Three targets were referred for prosecution by Robert Mueller's team which prevented them from publicly discussing the methods used to spy on them.
16) Carter Page would have been referred for prosecution were it not for the fact that his FISA application was declassified and made public. Bringing him into the investigation would risk exposing the deep state's methods of keeping people quiet.
18) Declassified information shows that former CIA Director Brennan concealed high-quality intelligence reports showing that Vladimir Putin wanted Hillary Clinton to win in 2016, while highlighting low-quality reports that Russia backed Donald Trump.
19) Q reposted a drop from April 30th, where he suggested that declassified reports would prove Brennan forced the fake Russian collusion narrative on the world.
21) @CBS_Herridge has received a list of people who may have viewed General Flynn's unmasked name in intelligence reports.

22) @ChuckGrassley's response


23) A brilliant move by white hats feeding declassification reports to @CBS_Herridge who red pills normies that watch CBS News.
24) Rand Paul wants to know why Joe Biden and more than a dozen people in the Obama administration requested to unmask General Flynn's name.

26) Last night, an anon asked POTUS (Q+) to tweet "It's happening" as confirmation that the deep state is being taken down.

POTUS fulfilled the request this morning.

The board is under heavy attack.
27) Q posted a link to the tweet by @CBS_Herridge with the list of people who requested #Unmasking of General Flynn. https://twitter.com/CBS_Herridge/status/1260635872271228928
28) An anon noted that the letter from General Nakasone (NSA) to the Office of Director of National Intelligence regarding Flynn #Unmasking was dated May 4th, 2020.

If you assign a letter to the day of the month—the 4th of May (4/5)becomes D5.
29) The deep state thought Q's mention of D5 in 2018 was in reference to December 5th, so they planned a State Funeral to interfere with the plans of the good guys.
30) Backstory:
When Q posted about D5 in November of 2018, it was in reference to an open Congressional hearing on the Clinton Foundation (scheduled for December 5th) where U.S. Attorney Huber was expected to testify.
31) Fearing public disclosure of their criminal activity, the deep state took the bait and held a State funeral on December 5th for George H.W. Bush.

The hearing was canceled but the move forced the deep state to expend ammunition.
32) The Congressional hearing on the Clinton Foundation was held on December 12th, but Huber didn't testify.

The Clinton Foundation investigation wasn't complete and the DOJ doesn't publicly discuss open investigations.

Now, the investigation is complete.
33) May 31, 2019. https://twitter.com/Leeann73590200/status/1260670579478151169
34) An anon noted that the list of people who requested to unmask General Flynn's name only covers the time period between November 8th, 2016 through January 31, 2017.

There were likely more #Unmasking requests outside that time frame.
35) Q confirmed.
This is only the start.

36) https://twitter.com/themarketswork/status/1260664105888706560
37) Joe Biden's people are a little pissed that his name was on the list of people who unmasked General Flynn.


40) The Obama administration requested the #unmasking of General Flynn's name more than a dozen times before his phone call with Ambassador Kislyak.

Did they have a legitimate reason?

Q suggested that that the FBI (belatedly) created a reason for the unmasking.
41) A timeline of events related to General Flynn's phone calls.
42) The same question was asked by @treehuggingsis

43) https://twitter.com/adamhousley/status/1260646745815388160
44) An anon posted links to the above tweets.
45) Q asked anons to go back further in time in the Trump transition to find out who told Ambassador Kislyak to request a meeting with General Flynn.

The implication being that someone setup Flynn for FISA surveillance by setting up his meeting with Kislyak.
46) The linked article discusses the Trump transition team making connections with their counterparts in Russia and specifically, a meeting in Trump Tower between Gen Flynn, Jared Kushner and Ambassador Kislyak.
47) The meeting took place on December 1, 2017, the day after Samantha Power's request to unmask General Flynn's name.

Judging by the timing, I'm guessing someone close to Obama arranged the meeting to give them a reason for unmasking Flynn's name

48) Information about the Trump Tower meeting with Kislyak and Flynn came from testimony in the Mueller report. It's hard to say definitively who set up the meeting. A lot of people were trying desperately to connect Putin with the Trump transition team.
49) Dimitri Simes had a lot of interest in connecting Russian and American political figures.

50) Simes had a number of meetings with Jared Kushner in 2016 and helped facilitate an event at the Mayflower Hotel where Ambassador Kislyak met Jeff Sessions.
51) Simes helped Kushner identify Ambassador Kislyak, but there is no indication in the Mueller report that Simes set up the meeting between Flynn and Kislyak.
52) Petr Aven, Kirill Dmitriev, and even convicted pedophile George Nader tried to set up meetings between Trump's people and the Russian government, but there is no indication that any of them set up the Flynn-Kislyak meeting.

53) The name of the person who set up the Flynn-Kislyak meeting isn't important.

The deep state was confident they had enough people in key positions (even in Trump's cabinet) that their illegal surveillance tactics would never be declassified and made public.
54) A shadow government succeeds by having their people in all the right places.

It took this long for a reason.
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