Thread: I’ve been seeing this whole discussion about anti-Zionism equating/not equating to anti-semitism lately. Here’s my take: it depends what your stance on the 🇮🇱 🇵🇸 issue overall.
I hope an outsider’s perspective (although I’m Lebanese and can’t avoid the conflict down there) would help.

When is anti-Zionism NOT anti-semitism? When you’re against ALL forms of nationalism and would rather have nationalities be more inclusive to minorities.
If I were Israeli or Palestinian, I would use dialogue and figure out a way to make our identities inclusive. Eventually, create a one or two secular states where everyone is treated with equity. Unfortunately, I’m not too confident in seeing that happening in my lifetime.
When anti-Zionism IS antisemitism: when you’re opposing Jewish self-determination only (while support every other groups), erasing the history and oppression that the Jewish people faced, and overall using H*mas or N*zi talking points re: Jews.
Saying that Jews/Palestinians are no longer indigenous to their ancestral homeland (I don’t think that’s how indigenous rights work) and that one group should “go back to where they came from” is anti ethical to anyone’s humanist values, including mine. By this logic, many
Of us lose ties to our ancestral homelands. Instead, we shouldn’t tie ethnicity to land, and instead, make identities inclusive. Maybe it’s the Lebanese and Yank in me, who knows?
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