Hmm no. But he’s not afraid to say the appalling thing. He embraces racism easily and eagerly. He seems to have no core beliefs abd most importantly, no shame, so there are never any lessons to learn. He’s a narcissist, so all that matters is everythings impact on him. 1)
He is eagerly cruel, which many find appealing. He is not book smart, but he can read a room, usually. When he fails, he runs off, or swaps messaging. His biggest success is getting the media to always embrace his framing, his wording, his pov. Always. He is a “big character’ 2)
Thus, he is “good tv”. But he stands for jothing and surrounds himself with weak people who also have no core beliefs.

So nope—he’s pretty stupid, but fearless in his bigotry and meanness, which appeals to many.
*nothing. Sorry for typos.
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