@realDonaldTrump will NEVER tell the truth about this. I havent missed ONE day of current events since 2016 presidential campaigning. I KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT THE WHISTLE BLOWER, ENTERING SCHIFFS OFFICE
2/ 👇 https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1260559055988408321
The WB walked into @RepAdamSchiff office but, he/she walked up the the FRONT DESK. The Secretary. She phoned Schiff, he talked briefly to the WB, being only told that their was a complaint that needed filed. Schiff directed him to the IG, told him the IG would sent word 3/
3/ of the complaint to Congress' & IF there was credible evidence the complaint was serious, it will be further looked into & the complaint would come back to Schiffs office. Schiff said, the convo was brief & he explained to the WB he (Schiff) COULDNT hear the complaint 4/
4/ Schiff said the complaint had to be heard by the IG FIRST, then Congress would send it back to his office. It never made it back to Schiffs office. You know why? It went to AG Bill Barr, the @DOJ & from there, it went to the WH. RIGHT WHERE IT SHOULDNT HAVE GONE. 5/
5/ I'll explain. The complaint was about wrong doing by Trump. So, the complaint circled back to the "person who was to be investigated" Trump, from the Ukraine call. So, Bill Barr, deemed the complaint, not serious enough to be looked into or investigated. By now, Trump knew 6/
6/ Trump knew his call, the QUID PRO QUO, dig dirt on Bidens, was known by a WH who was concerned of wrong doing. Now, Trump had time to cover his tracks, get a new story brewing & started blaming @RepAdamSchiff of wrong doing. SAME THING, DONALD J TRUMP DOES EVERYTIME HE S7/
7/ CAUGHT DOING SOMETHING CORRUPT OR WRONG DOING IN HIS CAPACITY. This time, he threw the blame Adam Schiff's direction b/c by law, the complaint must be heard by the IG FIRST ,then go to Congress Oversight. Which isnt where it ended up. It went from the Inspector General to 8/
8/ Bill Barr who promptly squashed the complaint, deeming it not serious enough. THAT was the FIRST reason the complaint went nowhere but as the story became public & more people were hearing about it, AND the OVERSIGHT in Congress caught wind of it, the seriousness of the 9/
9/ WB complaint WAS SERIOUS! So, Trump & Bill Barr had to figure something else to do, to *schiff* the blame. Sorry @RepAdamSchiff (I couldnt resist the pun) The SECOND denial, Trump did anything wrong was by blaming AdamSchiff of wrong doing. This is pattern behavior 10/
10/ by @realDonaldTrump ALWAYS shifting the blame to someone else & its usually shifted to the person who is investigating him, or someone he hates. In this case, it was Schiff BECAUSE, ADAM SCHIFF WOULD BE THE DECIDER! TRUMP HAD TI BLAME HIM OF WRONG DOING. 11/
11/ ITS NOT A FACT, THAT SCHIFF DID ANYTHING WRONG. In the Mueller, Russia Probe, The @FBI was blamed. Pattern. There is a pattern to who Trump blames when hes in trouble. FACTS MATTER. TRUMP LIES! What I described in this thread, is the truth. Everything happened as described
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