Here is why Sullivan issued this clear as day politically motivated order (especially after denying 24 prev amicus filing)

2nd Sullivan heard “WaterGate Prosecutors”, imo figured he’d allow 1 more last ditch effort n see if there truly was a “coverup” in the “RussiaGate”
Shows this judge hasn’t been paying attention to the actual truth and/or only reading NYT, WSJ, WAPO.

“The proposed amicus wants to address whether the motion to dismiss has a proper “basis in fact” and whether the motion was politically motivated.
In other words, the “Watergate prosecutors” would like 2 put Barr and Jenson on trial.”
(h/t: @KingMakerFT )

Dont forget also, this group did 1 of these (amicus briefs) to help the DEMs during the impeachment of @realDonaldTrump

The corruption is very real in DC.

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