There's nothing we can do about immigration. It's a Rothschild directive. While they control our govt we can't change anything. The same goes for the Rothschild Puppets the Supreme Court. They will always stop whatever our elected politicians want to do, if they don't like it.
You don't think the Rothschild control our govt? Oh yes they do. Along with their puppets The Supreme Court and our very own Royal Family who are also Rothschild. There's not a damn thing we can do about governing our own country.

Rothschild's control everything we do. End of.
We are not alone either. #France #Holland #Belgium #Germany #Sweden #Denmark #Norway #Canada are all in the same boat. Jo Cox, Liz McKean, Jill Dando, Diana were all murdered because of what they were likely to expose. Why do you think our politicians keep very quiet? They Know.
Our Police, Justice System, Civil Service, Army, Navy, Airforce MI5 MI6 NUT Education System, Prison Service, BBC, MSM.. Everything has all been hijacked by the Rothschild and no longer work on behalf of the people. They have all become instruments of State Oppression. Hard to...
...believe?'s all true. Work it out for yourself

How did the govt get away with banging up #TommyRobinson so easily?

Analyse everything I've said here and think about it.

#Q and the #TheStormIsUponUs are so important. Not just for the #USA but for freedom everywhere
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