How tf am I supposed to smash the patriarchy when I spend all my time trying to figure out what to do about childcare

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Srsly though, it's exhausting. Before covid it was hard. My work has a great daycare, 2+year waiting list, only takes kids at 18ms. Then one of my kids has a medical condition that required extra care. Literally no childcare wants to deal when they can go to the next name
Then I'm living in a neighborhood with a great school and the OSC has room for TWO kindergarteners when there are SEVENTY TWO in my kids year. I'm on every waitlist. I'm looking for new schools. Finally F it. We were thinking about moving anyway. Off we go to the burbs.
Then I find OSC and it's good. They walk to school. But every time the temperature (with windchill) is below -30 we've got no childcare. Two weeks at a time w no care Kids get sick, my husband has five family days a year. And we're the lucky ones.
And now it's covid. Daycares are opening, kinda, with reduced capacity. What does school look like in fall? OSC? I still have a full time job to do. Kenney is getting the economy started and every mom I know feels like they're failing. And this isn't just a covid problem.
It's a systemic disregard for the critical importance of universal affordable quality early learning that we all benefit from, whether they are using it or not. And @RachelNotley is the only political leader of my life who recognized this.
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