Jimin being a social butterfly and interacting with others — a thread
Jimin and taemin hugging n interacting
Jimin hugging sungwoon right away after they won
Jimin’s reaction after seeing Wonho’s body and interacting with him
When jimin ran to hug astro’s eunwoo
Jimin praising got7’s young jae’s voice
Jimin hugging n walking with got7’s jackson
Jimin has a matching necklace with sungwon
Jimin dancing with got7’s JB
Jimin always loves to interact with their backup dancers
Jimin n kai from exo chit chatting in the middle of an award show
Jimin peeking into eunwoo’s speech cards and eunwoo showing it to him
Jimin casually interacting with charles melton life they are bffs
Jimin going and hugging VIXX’s Ravi
Jimin, chanyeol and suho having fun talking
Jimin having fun with BTOB
Jimin teasing BTOB’s Sungjae
When jimin called sungwoon the prettiest cloud (cloud, “Ha” is sungwoon’s nickname” )
Jimin interacting with Minhyung from NU’EST
Jimin interacting with Wanna One’s Seongwu
This is the softest interaction ever
Jimin calling james corden “papa mochi” is the cutest
Jimin’s iconic “hey jimmy! i’m jimin !”
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