About the recruitment of LGBTQ students into your graduate programs - while we DO want to ask for students to self-identify in a broad sense about being part of the "LGBTQ community" and we DO ask for pronouns and gender identity. We do NOT share this list with current students.
The recruitment of LGBTQ students is different than other minority student recruitment efforts in this way. There must be trained and experienced staff who manage these lists and while we for sure engage current students in outreach efforts, there must be staff who manage this.
The vital corresponding effort to check boxes and lists in our recruitment efforts is what I call "The Attraction Model". And this is where the real work comes in for all staff, faculty, and students -- be a place LGBTQ students *want* to go.
Our graduate student recruitment efforts for LGBTQ students must clearly show we have faculty engagement for mentorship, research, and clinical opportunities. We also gotta show off that we have fun and are a community. And all of this must be visible to interested new students!
I am most proud to talk about how we did this all with barely any budget. Instead, we employed old fashioned community organizing techniques (my jam) which include one-on-one relationships and coalitions. Those tactics work internally for organizational change!
If you read this thread, you basically get the gist of what my special sauce has been and now I don't need to write a book or meet with you over Zoom.
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