#Hydrogen #RenewableEnergy #ClimateChange
Gives me immense Happiness to let my friends know that the #green hydrogen project I was working on has finally been developed.After a year of slogging, and overcoming some really hard times.We expect this to be a game changer!This++
plant will generate hydrogen using #solar power, which means it will be totally green. There will be zero #CO2 emissions.This plant will also be used in Tokyo olympics next year to make it a green event.The hydrogen produced will be used for hydrogen fuel cells,cars,heating++
and cooling homes, running ships. You can store energy in this and you do not need batteries. We are just combining sun and water and creating H2. This project started last April. There were a lot of problems, as we had to procure many components from different parts of the++
world. All components were to carefully selected and also tested at vendor sites. Below is a 3d model of plant to show you how a hydrogen plant looks. The principle is, Sun is converted to electricity from Solar panels, this electricity converts water into hydrogen in an++
electrolyser as shown above. Then we take the hydrogen and compress it in cylinders. This is 99.99% pure and #CO2 free hydrogen. This can be used in trains, all transport modes, for power generation. Our vision is develop a #hydrogen economy using renewables.please see below.
We will generate the same hydrogen using #biomass, #hydropower and #geothermal.I am currently working on combining geothermal and hydrogen as we have water and electricity at the same place.All of it would not have been possible with out your good wishes. Thank you.🙏🙏😊
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