1/7 Where is all the outrage for them KNOWINGLY with holding cures for all disease for 40 years & millions died unnecessarily?

Where is all the outrage for man made knowingly creation of disease through vaccinations? Chemtrails? Fluoride? GMO meat & food?

Why the cover up?
2/7 Where is all the outrage for the leading cause of death abortion? My body my choice?

Where is all the outrage for mandatory vaccinations and ID chips for a virus we don't have? What happened to my body my choice?

Why the cover up?
3/7 Where is the outrage at 800,000 kids in NA that go missing every yr for the past 40 years? Let that sink in & where do they go? (how many worldwide? MILLIONS) Why do they need children? What are they harvesting? Is it just perverts or something much worse?

Why the cover up?
4/7 What is adrenochrome? Google that & Podesta art work. Un defendable.

Where is the outrage for child trafficking, rape, pedophillia, occult practices, secret societies, satanic sacrifice, organ & adrenochrome harvesting by our WW leaders?

Why the cover up?
5/7 Where is all the outrage about fake news, fake education, fake history, fake govts, fake medicine, fake diseases, fake entertainment, fake wars, false flags, fake hollyweird?

Why the cover up?
6/7 SILENCE, CRICKETS, APATHY. It makes a very sick, weak, fearful, cowardly society begging for answers from their masters that will never come & its why we are offering you #TheGreatAwakening with real answers. In the end, we all want the truth right?

No guts no glory!
7. The left has:

Orange man bad, racist, where are his taxes?

The biggest joke of all, a hoax. They have no right to rule over us or tax us. They OWE US, & this is why you are getting paycheques to do nothing.

Start questioning more my friends.

Welcome to #TheGreatAwakening
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