hello mga ka high risk mareport at maimbitihan sa nbi! here’s a quick list of things you can do to protect you and your family (a thread of sorts)
if you can’t make your accounta private, at least hide your location, birthday, full name.

enabled two factor authentication on your accounts. on twitter, enable enail confirmation before password recovery (under security).
search your username + mom or sister or any word that might reflect who your family is. delete those tweets. make sure there is no connection between you and your family.

if you can, search your town/address with your username to make sure u never tweeted where you live before.
on instagram. review your tagged photos. hide everything that is with your family members. or delete the photo.

do this with your feed photos as well. archive them if you don’t want to delete.
make sure you don’t let the public know about who your family is/where you live.
check how your profiles would look like on public (use incognito or a different device). review what’s available for the public. remove anything that could be traced.
on facebook, limit previous posts and change all of them to at least “friends only.” this is under facebook settings > privacy > limit past posts
speaking of facebook, double check home town and current location. remove this for now. remove family relationships as well. if your account is public. or at least make them available only to friends.
also limit access to your account: who can add you, who can see your friends, search engine permission etc etc
finally, don’t share your linked in profiles in public. this is where most information is taken from. and the most vitals ones. hide the privacy of your employment, of your current status etc etc. do an incognito search of your name and check which accounts are visible.
also.. regardless how good of an argument it is against the government, if the source is not real, don’t share it. and don’t threaten to kill anyone. ✌️ ingat po!
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