people like to say rick riordan really nailed the representation only in the later books and thats just not accurate

rick riordan always had representation in his books y'all just ignore it because you don't count neurodivergent representation unless its depression

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the first series was famously written for his son who had adhd and dyslexia. and people like to say white boys with learning disabilities are represented well.
1. they arent really because they are usually complete stereotypes (lookin at you stiles stillinski) and
2. the og books are like 15/16 years olds and people with adhd and such were far less underrepresented than now where we are still underrepresented

but not only did he put a neurodivergent boy in these books he made everyone neurodivergent. and they were all so different
none of them were stereotypes and that makes it easier to see yourselves in them and he included girls. HE HAD GIRLS WITH ADHD AND DYSLEXIA and do you know how much that meant to be at 9 with undiagnosed adhd and Dyscalculia to see these badass intelligent GIRLS had adhd and
dyslexia. because that meant the world. and yes rick is amazing with the rep in the later books he represents all kinds of people and he does it respectfully and he does it well and everyone should take note of that and do it in their books.
do NOT descredit the og books They wete about representation and to say he got his foot in the door with "vanilla" stories is invalidating every neurodivergent kid who felt like a freak and an idiot and lazy and whatever other shit we got called who saw themselves in those books
and again so i dont get shouted at: yes the original series could have had more poc and more queer characters but it had representation. if it wasnt for those books my early teens would have been a big steaming pile of insecurity and abliest bullshit.
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