I am proud to share that @BernieSanders has nominated me to join the Sanders-Biden Task Force on Climate alongside @AOC and @CathFlowers.

After much deliberation with allies and movement leaders, I have decided to accept the nomination. 1/

Here’s why: https://link.medium.com/P62GeQm6r6 
When our movement endorsed @BernieSanders in Jan, we said we’d keep fighting for a #GreenNewDeal no matter what.

I was proud to endorse him then, and I’m grateful to receive his endorsement to carry on the fight for our shared agenda in this task force. 2/
I trust and respect Bernie’s leadership. Still the decision wasn’t easy to make. It’s no secret that Biden wasn’t the favorite candidate of our movement or of young ppl broadly

While Biden has done much good over his career, like many powerful politicians, he’s also done harm 3/
Biden’s been on the wrong side of issues like NAFTA, mass incarceration, record deportations and the Iraq War.

And we cannot ignore the ongoing sexual assault allegation from Tara Reade and a long history of him pushing the boundaries of consent with women’s space and bodies 4/
We are in touch with and following the lead of survivor justice organizations in their approach to addressing and responding to Tara Reade’s allegations and navigating how to ensure justice and accountability 5/
But the stakes of this election are clear. We cannot afford another 4yrs of Trump pushing us backwards.

This election is about saying no to fascism and white supremacy.

And I believe in our movement’s ability to begin winning a #GreenNewDeal under a President Biden. 6/
I feel a responsibility to win whatever we can from this platform.

But -- and this is impt -- The stronger & louder our mvmt is in calling for a #GreenNewDeal, the more power I will have when I enter these talks. And the more courage & resolve you will give me to fight for us 7/
I don’t entirely know what a task force like this will accomplish. That’s why we must keep speaking up & taking action

B/c what I do on a task force is much less important than what we do collectively as a movement this yr. Our political power exists because of our ppl power. 8/
Through it all, I know I won’t be going at it alone.

As I step onto this task force, I’m taking each and every member of our movement with me.

I will fight as hard as I can for a platform that will do the most good for the most people. 9/
We’ve got a lot of work left to do, @sunrisemvmt.

Keep organizing like our lives depend on it. Keep fighting for someone that you don’t know.

I can’t wait to be with you all in the streets again. 10/
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