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Want to really undermine vote by mail, the safest way to vote during a pandemic, shatter voter confidence, and depress turnout?

Here’s how, in 3️⃣ easy steps. 👇 1/

Inspiration credit goes to @GaSecofState

#VoteByMail2020 #gapol
STEP 1: Provide no assistance to counties processing 1000s of VBM applications.

Sure, they are dealing with extreme staff shortages, lack of PPE and sanitizing equipment, and being told to comply with social distancing protocols, but they’ll figure it out. 2/
STEP 2: Offer inaccurate and unreliable “ballot tracking” capabilities.

Diligent Ga voter: “the @GaSecofState website says my ballot was issued. Why haven’t I received it!? Did it get lost in the mail? Should I apply for a new one? Should I call my county?” 3/
STEP 2 (cont.):

Diligent GA voter proceeds to submit duplicate app to county, adding to their administrative burden.

Perhaps this time they submit their app via email, in a file format the county has difficulties opening. Or they call, taking staff away form app processing 4/
STEP 2 (cont.):

To be clear, no one is blaming diligent GA voter here. Point is, when confusion is permitted to fester, the county election office’s job becomes harder.

SOS knows this. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ 5/
STEP 3: Send ballots with accompanying instructions that are FLAT OUT WRONG, and issue no public statement or education materials to assist confused voters.

It’s fine. The counties can answer calls about this too. 6/
What could 🆘 do to make #vbm better? A few humble suggestions (non exclusive, of course)

1. Central online submission portal for apps.

Forget 159 different email addresses, addresses, and fax numbers. Forget wonky file formats and full inbox bounce backs. Forget postage. 8/
3. Sos-issued voter education materials and guidance to the public. On their website, at minimum.

Such goes a long way to alleviate voter concerns.

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