I was gonne wait for her response after i saw a lot of people saying her giveaways were fake, I DEFENDED her as i thought they were reall. I even did a collab giveaway with her, i was genuinly convinced she was reall. until this happend!!!!!! ya know donut says she has proof. 1/?
well its very easy to edit ur robux. and if u give "card codes" that dont work then id say if u have 55k robux why not just give them the robux via a tshirt or group funds. but no. she types out the code by hand so its a random fake code. i asked her about this btw and I just 2/?
got blocked by her. showing its clearly fake. as i asked her before FRIENDLY, if it was fake as a ton of people accused her of that. she showed robux and i was like okay. but then this happend and i started to think. its acctually really easy to edit robux its like very easy 3/?
so yes if u followe @iLoveDonutStars then make sure u unfollow her. dont retweet her giveaways anymore. i also found something very fishy that is that when my collab giveaway with her ended i found out the winner was alting so i just said the winner wasnt getting the prizes. 4/?
and i gave them to Donuts cousin cuz why not. but then later on i found out she was collabing with that person several times. i dont have proof of her rigging her collab giveaways but since there is this huge web of lies here i can only assume she does. 5/?
she got 2.5k followers from faking giveaways please unfollow her SHE IS FAKE. please retweet this thread to spread awareness she is well known in the rtc for her many giveaways and i think its time to cancel her.

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