Eto lang ha, I just want to share that I really love the fact na ang healthy ng surroundings ng MewGulf. Like, ang healthy ng realtionship sa isa''t isa. Not just MewGulf, pero their managers as well. Close si P'Boss and P'Best. Alam ko, si P'Bermb handle lang nya si Gulf
pero since they are a a team/close friends/brothers/couple/boyfriends!! name it, MewGulf is considered as one na talaga. ..

This manager is familiar?

Your Manager = My Manager too

Also MewGulf mommies are close. I remember watching a clip/ reading an article saying
Gulf Mummy considers P'Mew as his second son. And I know MewMummy as well to Gulf. considering how many times Gulf had been there to Jongcheveevat's home

ALL IN ALL Ngayon lang ako nakakita ng BL couple na pati families, work mates and personal stuffna may positive energy lang.
And I can say I stan the correct Fandom: Waanjai MewGulf forevahhhh💓🥰
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