The Fake Accounts that are trying to fool people who are desperate for larry to come out.

Okay first of all please know that I am not forcing anyone to stop believing something. I just think that you should be careful because being too gullible can be dangerous. This thread has all those accounts you need to be careful of. They give you an impression of being the boys
Closeting is illegal, what's not illegal is the manipulative contracts that include PR stunts, fake girlfriends, false news etc. So if Larry Stylinson has to come out, they'll do it or won't do it at their own pace.
1)[email protected]/crownbeeolive (exposed)
2) @/banner_seymour
3) @/Bakeraymond
4) @/sarahdoebread (already proved fake)
5) @/alicebeacon (proved fake)
6) @/definiteno94
Ok I won't really say much about this account, they spread a lot of positivity. But again. Beware.
I do not want to offend anyone but this is too much of a strech. Three of these extremely famous accounts have been exposed and one of them is STILL out there manipulating peope.
Things are not as convoluted and shady as most of you think them to be. You don't need future predicting accounts to prove a point. A strong larrie believes what they have seen.
I could really have an account and trick you all into believing I'm louis and no one will ever know unless you dig deep.
Let me know if there's more and I'll add it. THIS IS FOR YOUR AWARENESS.
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