➳ 190407 ttts season 1 workshop #5 ✧

— compilation of fantaken previews ༊*·˚
look at these precious selfies ☺️
greeting the fans who waited for them to finish the workshop 👋
babies playing rock, paper, scissors 🤭
seems like someone's still chill with gulf doing finger hearts back then 😌
they're talking about something 🤫
t-this is too adorable 😭
just look at him getting amazed even with the little things 🥺
cheekies 🥢
mew waving to the fans as long as he can see them ,, how sweet 🥰
including these because mewtong & kirigun brothers deserve more appreciation 😩💖
he's just a kid please protect 😭
look at this eyecandy right here 🥺
the way gulf nodded and raised his brows 🤧
making a heart can already make them embarassed back then 🤭
the fan asked gulf if they can make a heart together and mew immediately responded
p'mew forever a tease to nong gulf ✊
all the fans went "what are you talking about? please share it to us" because it seems like they were so lost in their own world again 😭
you see that? yes ,, that's what undeniable chemistry looks like 🤷‍♀️
their bond already became so visible back then love how they talk about things without giving a shit or two on what's happening around them 😭

—end of thread ✨
( credits to all owners of the photos and clips — watermarks & embedded videos 🙏 )
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