posters i’ve ripped: a thread ✨
1. my pentagon genie:us poster
this was the most heartbreaking one. it was above my bed head and one night it fell onto my pillow and i rolled over and crumpled it 💔💔 it was the only one left at the kpop shop so its very sad
2. the same pentagon genie:us poster
i put it back up after i flattened out the crumples, but when i tried to take it down when i was moving rooms, the corner ripped :((
3. astro all night poster
this one i was really upset about :(( i was tryna take it down and i pulled down on the top corner and it practically ripped in half 💔💔 i was gonna just tape the back but the poster is double sided so i just chose my favourite side and taped the other
4. nct superhuman poster
this one wasnt too bad but the corner ripped and i got really upset because i really love that concept photo :(( i was gonna buy a new one but the price of it raised and im a broke bitch
5. my 1team just poster 💔💔
technically i didnt rip it. but the poster wasnt very strong and so whilst it was in the poster tube in shipping, the edges got all bent. very upsetting. so i never put it up because i didnt want to break it. also the green didnt suit my room ://
thank you for reading about the posters ive ripped. the only official poster i have left now is my nct dream we boom boom ver. poster which lives safely in a poster tube with the rest of my ripped posters. i currently have a room filled with unofficial ptg posters bc im scared
end of thread.
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