Many Pakistanis have their conscience woken up by 'denial' of Taliban for the attack on maternity ward, as if they are principled 'freedom fighters' or they haven't engaged in such equally outrageous and nihilistic violence before. This defending Taliban betrays the guilty
conscience of these enablers and apologizes of barbarity who see glory of their country in bloodshed of Afghans. Narrow identitarian nationalism makes them inhuman and insolent to facts. The facts are that IS-Khurasan draws its terrorists from Taliban. Its first head
Maulvi Abdur Rauf deflected from Taliban. One of its cofounders Abdur Rahim Muslimdost (a Pakistani) has alleged that IS-Khurasan is infiltrated and controlled by ISI to have another proxy to balance its reliance on Taliban and to continue bleeding Afghanistan.
Some researchers have also investigated the overlap and conflict-cooperation network between Taliban and IS-K and found that turf battles aside the relationship between them is that of cooperation. While the recent US-Taliban peace deal may have given rise to acrimony between
their leaderships, IS-K still depends on renegade and disgruntled Taliban foot soldiers. The whole of militancy in Afganistan is enabled by the wider umbrella network of Taliban, which Pakistan find to be its partners and is proud of. Every drop of blood spilled in Afghanistan
is result of providing safe havens to Taliban on this side of the Durand Line and direct result of the Pakistan state's desire to control and regiment Afghanistan. Carry all these crimes on your conscience you enablers of death and barbarity. -end-
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