There are many things affect the continuation of our lives, sometimes we can deal with this effect, and sometimes we can't, but it's not impossible to make this stop, okay I won't deny that we're gonna face tough times, we would feel that we just want to give up on this thing
but it won't go, the problem is a HUGE WALL in front of us, we MUST break this wall before it destroys you and Locks us up in a tiny gloomy world, cause when this happens you won't be able to be the ( old you ),
but before breaking this wall we gotta know first what is this wall about what it contains to do all of this detriment to us.
Okay let me tell you, since I've been through this shit. This FUCKING wall is made of bricks, each brick has its own function of destruction,
one would be for making you overthink every negative thought in your subconscious mind, feeling so frustrated, get disappointed from a lot of things that you were so excited about,
feeling shame from little details that you can see and you think that people are seeing this on you too, but they’re actually not, feeling hated from people.
You guys see all of these bricks ? We can replace every single negative brick with a positive one’’ I can help you guys in this’’ This way we won't give a chance for this wall to destroy us, none of us would like to live in that tiny gloomy world, we all deserve happy lives,
I only want to make sure that whoever sees this thread can at least try to save his life from this huge wall,
for ending this I want you all to smile and, and wherever you are now, just look at the nearest mirror, you will see the bravest, strongest, and prettiest person in this world, say to yourself ( I'm against hardships, and I can handle everything )
love you all ❤️
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