Took a nap & had this wild part in the dream. This lady who dating this guy was w/ him in his bed, sent him a "pic" she start flirting w/ him, he goes along w/ it, they're both getting intimate, he then lay next to her, takes off his & tried to take her off as well (1/2)
She then get up with a smile, her friend named "Chris" was there. She tells him with a serious look "piss on his floor & stab him" & he said "haha for real"& she said "yeah" & the dude she was dating froze. The dude actually got stabbed while camera were on..😐 (2/2)
I wrote an in depth written short story about this on my IG stories. If anyone wants to read It, follow my IG account @Diazofanthonypoet you may wanna check this out! Lol

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