Without ever speaking to him, Obama unlawfully induced Chris Christie to urge Trump not to hire Flynn because of problems.


Through manipulation of Trumps tiny mind, Obama illegally forced Trump to fire Flynn for lying to the Pence..../2

Obama illegally ordered American intelligence services to NOT stop listening to calls going into the Russian embassy, clearly because he knew Trump officials would be calling in and improperly engaging in conversations to undermine existing US foreign policy.../3

In the 1970s, while a young teenager, Obama illegally wrote laws that defined circumstances for foreign intelligence investigations in the United States...../4

After hearing Flynn discuss foreign policy plans with the Russian Ambassador by relying on intelligence surveillance of Russian embassy illegally not ended by Obama, FBI illegally feared Flynn may have been compromised and opened in investigation.....

The FBI learned that Flynn had lied to Pence, thus exposing both Flynn and even Pence to risk of foreign background, so something something Obama crime.


Obama unlawfully tricked Flynn into lying to the FBI repeatedly..../5
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