Breonna was an EMT. It's likely her biggest fear was the coronavirus.

One night the police served a drug warrant.
At her apt.
For a man that didn’t live there.
After midnight.
No announcement.
He’d already been detained.

Breonna was shot 8 times.

Breonna’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, was in the apartment.

He shot at officers when they attempted to enter the apartment without announcing themselves.

After midnight.

Police fired more than 20 rounds.

Walker, a licensed gun owner, was arrested and faces charges.


Breonna’s mother, Tamika Palmer, received a late-night call.

She drove to her daughter’s apt.

To the hospital.

Back to her daughter’s apt.

The officers gave her little info.

This is a mother.

In the dark.

For several hours.

She realized her daughter was dead.
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