I came back from visiting my sister in Maryland on this date, March 12

I told her then that the entire country would need to shut down

I ordered my (5) N95 #Masks (3M 1860) on March 14

They arrived on March 21 & I've wearing them ever since

Now look at the current #DeathCount https://twitter.com/ryanstruyk/status/1260400945097322497
Here are some few of my tweets from February 👈

When #Trump declared a #NationalEmergency on March 13, he should have emphasized that everyone begin wearing #Masks 👀

It would be another 3 to 4 weeks before #Democratic governors took the lead & told people to start wearing them
My point of this thread is that if I KNEW what was coming and how to prepare for it...you damn well know that #Trump knew

But he downplayed it😠

He actually thought the warm weather would make the #CoronaVirus go away in April

He's guilty of each death from #COVID19 in the USA
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