What is #ObamaGate?
I once watched an 8 yr old bully start a whisper campaign against a neighbor who scared him. An nice older woman who kept to herself. He never actually said what the woman had done. Just left it up to people's imaginations. Before long, all the neighborhood...
...kids grew terrified of her & began making up stories about her imaginary crimes. Soon, they were chucking rocks at her windows. Then grown-ups started to eye her suspiciously. It was truly getting dangerously out of hand & I feared for the woman's safety. Enough. I went to...
...the bully's house & asked him in front of his parents, what he had against the poor woman. He finally admitted she had caught him trying to hurt another neighbor's puppy and done nothing more than tell him to stop. We had a neighborhood meeting, inviting the woman, & the...
...the bully apologized to her in front of everyone.

Problem solved.

Unfortunately, #ObamaGate is being started by the President--with the same basis as that 8 year old. And this scared Bully has an entire propaganda network.
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