First, we are at a critical point in this crisis with states now beginning to open.

More than 80,000 Americans have died. 20+ Million have lost their jobs.

We have had a horrendous 2 months.

Why? Because we failed to prepare

This virus is awful

It is unforgiving

If you fall behind in this outbreak, it punishes you through lives lost and economies destroyed

We fell behind and spent the last two months catching up

We have made great progress -- flattened the curve and in some instances, more

Now is the time to look to smart, science-based guidance about re-opening. The one from the @whitehouse

What does it say?

14 days of declining cases

And adequate testing/tracing/isolation

So what is adequate testing?

We estimate 900K/day. Others think its much more.

So how do we get to adequate testing?

This can't be a 50 states all fend for themselves. It won't work.

We need federal leadership.

What can the Feds do to help states? At least 5 things

1. Get visibility into entire supply chain. Use DPA, other tools to ensure adequate supplies

2. Coordinate. Work with states' needs and help move resources around as needed to maximize testing

3. Help states implement smart testing strategy to determine whom to test.

4. create incentives for new and better testing modalities -- fund prizes or ensure enough financial compensation for improving and expanding capacity

5. Communicate honestly. Set realistic targets. Stop saying we have enough tests when everyone knows we don't

We all know testing isn't everything

But it is critical first step

Without testing, we don't know who's infected, who's not

Without testing, we can't open up safely

States are critical but we need federal leadership

If we do, we can relax restrictions and protect health

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