Honestly congratulations to Sylvain for being large. I'm so glad he is big, large, and huge. Big! Very large.
Probably one of the worst things about Sylvain is that he smells good which is really offensive of him in addition to being so fucking large and having nice-smelling hair, how fucking dare he do this
Sylvain is like one of those guys where you see his large hands and realize that he actually keeps his nails cleanly cut and filed and then you smell his natural sweat smell and it's unfortunately really nice and god fuckign damn it, i mean really just god actual fuck damn
Is his dick big? Yes. What if he doesn't have one? Then whatever down there is great. He opens his mouth and says the worst thing. His teeth look nice. Dimples? Yes. Absolute bastard.
You can sell vials of Sylvain's boob sweat like the most expensive shaved truffles on the planet. Sprinkle that shit on my pasta, I'll pay $40 or whatever the fuck rich people pay for their pasta, I don't even eat pasta but a bitch knows seasoning when they see it
This thread is devolving by the second but look, if I could spend the rest of my week in Sylvain Jose Gautier's armpit instead of dealing with reality I would mail the tip of my pinky to a complete stranger after doing all my nails a very cute color
At least one person followed me for my fics after I posted them and I want to assure you that this is much closer to the kind of words that you will regularly get out of me, for instance I would let Sylvain do pushups on my face until I died
I can't make threads about this like Hubert because they just turn into roast threads, and anyway there are already threads about those jet-black chickens bred to be goth food soup, that's Hubert, I don't need to kick his bony ass while it's down pancaking somewhere
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