THREAD: Why I’m anti-Zionist, why I don’t condemn Hamas, why I don’t believe in peace for Israelis and why I never take back the things I have said in the past.

Please listen and have an open mind.
1. Being Palestinian, I grew up being conditioned to love my country and hate the oppressor. Period.
2. I’ve spoken to Israelis and they must leave my land. I don’t care if they were born there. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Actually, let it hit you.
3. I made a comment about throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers. This comment was justified, and soldiers have actually died from this form of violence as seen today. Glorious.
4. Anti-Zionism is NOT anti-Semitism, and I have nothing but love for the Palestinian Jews and believe in their right to co-exist on the land I also call home. Settlers on the other hand, must leave.
5. I DON’T apologize to Israelis and I DON’T believe in a future where we can co-exist. Colonizers and their families must leave or face the consequences.
6. Last note: I want to emphasize my hatred for Israel. I want to emphasize that this strengthens the love for my people, and I want to emphasize that Hamas will continue to fight back and burn Tel Aviv to the ground.

Thank you for reading. F*ck Isr*el. 🇵🇸
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