Almost nobody appreciates how expensive clothes used to be, even as “late” as 200 years ago.

A shirt was once thousands of hours of labor; scarcity logic flows directly from that.

The shirt you can buy at Walmart for ~$2 is a superior artifact along most product dimensions.
Here’s a single citation for you: we had a Navy in 1808, right?

Uniform for someone serving it: $25 plus $10 for the overcoat.

Wages for a senior enlisted man: $8. Per month.
One of my views that the world is changing in a way which is not evenly distributed is the economics of food production are following the economics of clothing production in such a fashion that most people producing it outside of the market economy will be outcompetes and stop.
This implies that cooking for one’s family won’t go away but it will be a more niche lifestyle choice in the future, similarly to how “Oh yes, I sew most of our clothes” is in 2020.

That was not a very niche preference back in living memory.
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