Interesting thing with this question is how few really good American bands there are.

The greatest is obviously the Dead. It’s not up for debate. But some of the crap bands suggested dilute the honor. Aerosmith, the Eagles, the Doors. Ugh.
Velvet Underground was obviously great but it was mostly Lou Reed - and they burned out too soon. The Band is Canadian. Steely Dan was great but it really wasn’t a band.
There’s a case for the Allman Brothers pre-Duane Allman’s death. Though clearly a great live band. Same for P-Funk.
Don’t mention Lynyrd Skynyrd. They were fine. But don’t belong near any discussion that includes the word “greatest”
The Heartbreakers and E Street Band are of course great but dominated by two guys who belong in the singer/songwriter category. So not really bands.
Nirvana and Jane’s Addiction lack a long enough resume though they were clearly influential. Ramones were fine but ... eh. Same for Talking Heads.
No one mentions Television, who arguably put out the best album by an American band “Marquee Moon”
CCR’s peak was amazing but they burned out and let’s face it Fogerty WAS that band. Beach Boys were seminal ... but Kokomo.
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