2) I understand ObamaGate is at the forefront of the news right now. Since following Q, I’ve always felt the one thing that would bring unity to ALL Americans regardless of party affiliation would be the truth of 9/11. Could this article be a simple diversion? Yes.
3) I don’t believe this drop right now was an “accident.” It states Barr and Grennel are blocking access to documents the families want released, as the info would reveal “sources and methods.” From what we’ve witnessed the past week, it seems Grennel is not shy about DECLAS.
4) Unless there’s another reason...the documents could be held up in another case, Grand Jury or trial. We have speculated and are aware of multiple Grand Juries being held at this time. Many are wrapping up.
5) If the accounting of this family member is accurate, I trust that @realdonaldtrump will fulfill his promise to these family members. He doesn’t make promises he doesn’t keep-especially to 9/11 families.
6) Now this accounting could be fake news, or it could be legit. I just really believe 9/11 is so personal for this President, I can’t imagine a universe where he won’t bring the real perps to justice for what they did. He knows what really happened.
7) So, diversion or is it the beginning of the “rain.” A drip is one scandal being exposed slowly- when it pours-the flow of info rains down in buckets. Maybe the DS will have so much flying at them all at once, they won’t know which hole in the bucket to plug!
8) The reason I can’t stop thinking this-ObamaGate is massive, but it isn’t going to necessarily “unify” the country. I’m expecting a MOAB that’s going to unite America and the world. I think 9/11 would be that boom!
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